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We at Bread and Water for Africa believe we have some of the best supporters in the world! Alioscia Oliva is proof of this.

Alioscia Oliva is a professional poker player who is using his talents and popularity in the poker world to help dramatically improve the lives of students in Kenya.  Alioscia met Bread and Water for Africa employee (and contributor to this blog!) Sylvia a few years ago and has been learning about the work we do at Bread and Water for Africa since then.

Following Sylvia and my recent trip to the Lewa Home on the 2012 Safari and Program Tour, Alioscia learned about some of the students we support at the Lewa Children’s Home in Eldoret, Kenya, and he knew that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of these students.

Sylvia and Ruth

In addition to Ruth’s academic prowess, she excels at soccer and racing – here Ruth is with Sylvia at Lewa after beating her decisively in a foot race 🙂 (Sorry, Sylvia!)

One of these students is Ruth. Ruth has dreams of studying medicine and becoming a surgeon.  Through the support of our partner the Lewa Children’s Home, Ruth has been given the opportunity to attend a basic, local public school in Kenya. However, due to the high costs of finishing her primary education and continuing on into secondary school, Ruth may never get the chance to fight for her dreams of being a surgeon.

Since the costs are very high for Lewa Children’s Home to put Ruth through secondary school along with the children’s primary school tuitions they already support, Alioscia stepped in to raise support to sponsor Ruth and four other children like her throughout their education into secondary boarding school and college. For Ruth, this means a chance to pursue her dreams and escape the risks facing her as a girl without a stable family environment in her home village.

In order to raise awareness and sponsor Ruth and four other students, Alioscia has set up a fundraiser on JustGiving (http://www.justgiving.com/Alioscia-per-Ruth) in the hopes of raising £17,955.74, the costs necessary for these 5 children to finish primary school and complete secondary school. Check out the website for more information about sponsoring children through their education, click “Read More” on the page for the English translations!

We would like to thank Alioscia for his initiative and his desire to invest in the lives of these Kenyan children. Thank you Alioscia!

Kipkeino primary students

Lewa children are instilled with a passion for education very early on! Here are the toddlers in their morning classes.

We aren’t the only ones impressed by his efforts! Check out this spotlight on his fundraiser by an online poker magazine (Ok ok, I know it’s Italian but it’s a great article and Google Translate does a decent job with the key messages..) : http://www.assopoker.com/poker-freestyle/con-alioscia-oliva-costruiamo-un-futuro-per-ruth-12622


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